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We supply and install all industry branded probes, batteries and monitoring equipment to a variety of temperature controlled related environments. We can calibrate and verify temperature probes between the ranges of -110 deg Celsius to +120 deg Celsius.

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We can calibrate and verify temperature probes between the ranges of -110deg Celsius to +120 deg Celsius. All certificates are issued by trained personnel and traceable to SANAS. Clients has the choice between a SANAS traceable or SANAS accredited certificate.


We are an agent and supplier of Ebro Xylem in Germany. We supply industrial probes, batteries, hand held, loggers and temperature logging systems of Ebro and local branded companies.


We have a support team that can assist with most software and hardware issues. If you are due for your next annual service and calibration of your probes, we would like to offer our services in that respect.


Our technicians are trained and certified to repair Ebro equipment and most locally branded equipment.

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